“Fondrèche scales up”

The beginning of 2015 will mark a turning point for the Fondrèche estate.

For 20 years we have studied our terroir, its climate and how it is affected by the environment. Understanding a terroir is the work of a lifetime - the vintages pass by, each one different from the last. What is true one year might be turned upside down the next, yet one thing is clear, great terroirs always survive.
We have learned one important thing, a great terroir for red is not necessarily a great terroir for white, and a great terroir for white does not meet the same criteria required for a rosé.
Based on that fact, we have completely restructured our estate. Our reds are produced on the estate’s historic terroir and we have “relocated” the whites to limestone soils and rosés to sandier ground.

The creation of the new range “Domaine de Fondrèche” Red, White and Rosé reflects this work. The goal was to increase the estate’s visibility while raising the quality of all our wines.

The Domaine de Fondrèche Red 2013 is a rethinking of our Fayard Red and our Cuvée Nadal. A year spent maturing in casks, barrels and ovoid vats to create a polished result, representative of Fondrèche.
The 2014 white has benefited from the addition of Vermentino and a higher proportion of Roussanne. It is more complex than the old Eclat Blanc but retains its mineral signature.
The 2014 rosé includes more aged Cinsault thanks to our massal selection, and now matches the standards of the other wines from our estate.

The identi-terres range of wines has also been simplified.
Persia Red and White highlight two superb varieties: Syrah and Roussanne.
The Il était une fois uvée, a playground for the old Grenaches, will only be produced as a grand millésime in exceptional years.

Nature remains the free spirit of the estate. To be able to offer a sulphite-free wine that is a pure pleasure.